In all of our years working with the Coast Guard, about 25 years, we’ve met the nicest, most dedicated people. Whether they were vets or active duty, auxiliary or family, they (almost to the person) have shown an outstanding commitment to country and humanity. And typically they had incredible memories to share. Monday’s Memories here and on our Facebook page are ways we can memorialize those memories and share them with others.

You can add your memories to a specific page by clicking on the email link found on that page. Enjoy!

What was the sweetest tour in all of your time in the service?

"USCCG WHITE HOLLY (133' inland buoy tender) Ketchikan Alaska. Both CO & EO liked to hunt and fish so we anchored in lots of areas to hunt/fish. Then we would have a beer and Bar-B-Que on the fantail (1968)" -Leonard Maughan CWO3, USCG Retired

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What was your favorite thing to train for?

"Climbing to the top of the masts of 'The Eagle'." -Thomas L. Bentley

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What was your most vivid swim call memory? Where were you and where were you stationed?

"During the 7 years I was on the Valiant, the Dauntless, and the Dependable (back to back to back), we had at least a dozen swim and fish calls at Pickle Bank, followed by a steel beach picnic on the flight deck. And we usually had some nice grouper and mahi-mahi to grill up!" -Matt Walter

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What was your best memory of basic training?

"Having one of my fellow recruits flip out, run out formation while getting beat, and try and escape from Cape May. Needless to say, he didn't make it." -Michael N Kandi Cornwell

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What's your favorite memory of being at sea at night?

"Watching the Lighthouse in Buxton, NC all night with a sailboat in tow. Close to 40ft seas in the middle of Diamond Shoals in the 44319 from Sta. Hatteras Inlet and running the inlet bar the next morning with 8-12ft barreling swells." -Robert Brewer

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What was your proudest moment in or with the Coast Guard?

"The Proudest moment for me was pinning the chief pins on my youngest girl, BMC Kimberly Murphy, thou I had many proud moments during my twenty years of service in the USCG that is the top for a ret. BMCM." -Robert Hill

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